Why Weddings?

Ok, this is strange.  I just was editing this post and I deleted it.  All those wonderful thoughts gone forever!  I clicked on the save and continue editing button and it disappeared.  I guess I should have just clicked on the save button.  Is it still here somewhere?

See About Page for information that was previously on this post–info that is floating somewhere in cyberspace because I hit the wrong button.  If it is not there yet, that’s because I have not written it yet.  However, that will be my next project!

4 Responses to “Why Weddings?”

  1. DJ Says:

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  2. luv2tch Says:

    Thank you so much, DJ. Your blog is one that I have read and enjoy. I will certainly put your URL on my site (as soon as I figure out how to do that:)) Thanks for your help, encouragement and response. I’m so excited–turning on my computer and seeing a comment. Yaaaay!

  3. pinkrenegade Says:

    Go to Write or Post and see if there isn’t a draft saved somewhere. If it was already posted it should not have just disappeared.

    Also, go look under Manage and see if you can’t find it there.

    Well, welcome to the cyber world huh?!!! Never know what is going to happen next!

  4. luv2tch Says:

    OK, I clicked on every button available and I can’t find it anywhere. I changed the category and edited some paragraphs and then clicked and it disappeared. Oh well! Thanks for the help!