Take Care of You

Today I want to give you some tips for taking care of your self over the next few months. You can pass these on to Starry Eyed Daughter also.

Trust me–this is important. My neck and shoulder were literally tied in knots by the end of this process. Don’t know for sure how it started (I think it was due to starting an intense exercise program too quickly), but I know that stress, poor posture during much computer time, and lack of quick attention contributed to my problem. Hopefully, you can avoid this:)

1. Get plenty of rest

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Eat healthy food

4. Take care of your spirit and soul

5. Have a consistent exercise routine. If you don’t already have one, start soon and start slowly!

6. Create good communication with other family members–especially Dear Hubby and Starry Eyed Daughter.

7. Be organized!!!!!!

If anyone out there has anything to add to the list from your experience please feel free to comment!

Look for more details on each of these later. Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “Take Care of You”

  1. DJ Says:

    Put GOOD shoes on the day the engagement is announced and DO NOT take them off until after the wedding.

    Two days before my son’s wedding, with a houseful of company (I was the wedding planner) and feet that were killing me after months of running around, I actually went to a drive-thru car wash to get off them for awhile and catch a minute of peace.

  2. luv2tch Says:

    I never thought of a car wash as a place to catch a little peace, but I guess it would work! How did you end up being the wedding planner for your son’s wedding?