Be Picture Ready continued…

I found a pilates video and an exercise ball that I actually got as a Mary Kay star consultant several years ago.  They are in great condition–just like brand new–due to lack of use:)  So I’ll be trying it out later today.  Stay tuned for my report.

Diet and exercise are long term commitments both for your health and well-being as well as to avoid shock when you first view a picture of yourself standing next to Starry Eyed Daughter.  Or the feeling of frustration that comes when you can’t find a mother of the bride dress that hides all the rolls:)  If you and your daughter live together or near each other, it would also be a great thing to do together whenever possible.  More bonding time, etc.

However, there is an easier way to ensure that you are picture ready for the big day.  And that is by instituting a good, comprehensive skin care program.

There are many skin care programs on the market.  If you don’t already have a favorite, let me suggest my favorite–Mary Kay–for both mother and daughter.

Every good skin care program has 5 essential parts

1. Cleanse

2.  Exfoliate

3.  Tone or Freshen

4.  Moisturize

5.  Protect

Mary Kay does all this in 3 easy products.  The TimeWise 3n1 Cleanser takes care of the first 3 steps.  There is a formula for normal-dry skin and for combination-oily skin.

Wash your face morning and night with this cleanser, follow up with the TimeWise Moisturizer in the formula that best suites your skin type and finish with a foundation (morning only, of course).

If Starry Eyed Daughter’s skin is oily, she might try the Velocity Products.

These are the very basic steps to good skin care.  And if you haven’t started taking care of your skin, start now.  I’ll talk more about anti aging, wrinkle fighting products in future posts. 

 I am passionate about anti aging.  I used to think I just wanted to grow old gracefully.  But when I started growing old and found out that I didn’t feel old inside, I found that I didn’t want to look old either.  And trust me taking care of your skin is much easier than diet and exercise:):)

Makeup for the wedding day is something all brides (and their moms) are concerned about.  But that makeup will look much better if the skin it is applied to is in tip top condition.  Start today!

If you don’t already have a good skin care program I invite you to visit my MK web site  You can do a virtual makeover and there is even a link for brides.  So visit and have fun.  Oh and if you visit leave me a note and tell me you were there! (and a disclaimer–this blog is in no way affiliated with Mary Kay Cosmetics except through me–a long time user and fighter of wrinkles and fine lines!)

Now before I leave you to go put in that pilates video, I want to quote a friend who made a most memorable comment after she saw her daughter’s wedding pictures. 

“I told my husband… I know when we got fat, but when did we get old?”  (Thanks for the great line, Deb!)  Let that not be YOU!

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    I’m a MK consultant too! Seven years in August!

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