Wedding Planning Timeline

Before I get involved in too many details, I think I should give you a timeline for making your plans.  This is going to be based on a 9 month engagement. You, of course, will have to customize it to your engagement time and other circumstances. For instance, if you and your daughter live in separate cities, you may have to try to do more things at one time when you are together (unless she is letting you plan everything!)

So, here goes:

 9 months to go

1. bride’s and groom’s families need to meet if you don’t know each other. Even if you do know each other you can still get together and celebrate (assuming, of course, that you are happy about all this–and if you’re not… well, we need to talk about that later)

2. announce your engagement at a party–if you like to have parties–otherwise, just start telling your friends (or just stick your ring finger in their face until they notice something)

3. announce your engagement in the newspaper

4. discuss budget with everyone who will be contributing–traditionally, this was the bride’s family. However, I have noticed that now many brides and grooms pay a portion, as do the parents of the groom. The more the merrier I say!

5. pick a date–but be flexible until you see how this date works out with the venues you want

6. have your engagement picture taken

7. start looking around for a wedding consultant if you need the help (I will definitely be writing more about this later)

8. choose your bridal party and ask them to be a part of your big day

9. make your guest list (this is VERY important–I’ll be sharing personal experience why in a later post LOL)

10. book site for ceremony and reception

11. make sure you talk to your pastor, priest, rabbi or whoever you want to do the honors.  Their schedules get pretty hectic also!

12. start looking for and book photographer, caterer, musicians

13. start the wedding dress search

I will be discussing some of these items in more detail in future posts. All you moms and brides who have gone through this part, please feel free to jump in with comments or advice based on your experience.

Also, stay tuned for more of the planning timeline…

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