Wedding Consultant–To Have or Not to Have

Someone you should consider hiring to help with your daughter’s wedding is a wedding consultant.  Wedding consultants provide services ranging from help with the wedding day all the way to planning, arranging and managing the whole affair.

You and your daughter need to decide how much help you will want.  Quite honestly, the idea of handing the planning of the wedding over to a consultant did not appeal to me or Starry Eyed Daughter. 

She and FS n L had definite ideas about what they wanted and did not want anyone “telling them what to do.”  And I had loved weddings since I was a little girl, so I was quite happy to avoid the extra expense of a wedding consultant.

Everything was proceeding on schedule.  We had the location, the photographer, the caterer, the dress…everything seemed under control.  A couple months into the engagement, Starry Eyed Daughter and I attended a Bridal Fair.  

There were only a few vendors that we were looking for–florist, cake maker, videographer.  We happened to stop by a display, and my daughter began talking to a woman who used to work at the high school she attended.  

She now had her own wedding consulting business.  We chatted for a few minutes and then continued through the bridal fair.

A few weeks later I suddenly became gripped with fear.  How could I pull this wedding off smoothly? I got nervous just having the entire family to the house for holidays!  What was I thinking?

So, unbeknownst to my daughter, I called the wedding planner and met with her and her partner.  We discussed her services which could be as much or as little as I wished.

Since by this time we had most of the vendors, we did not need much help with that.  But what I hired her to do was help me with making the timeline for the wedding day and to be there to make sure everything got done correctly.

The wedding was going to be outdoors in a park with the reception to follow in the park lodge.  The only thing provided by the park were the facilities and tables and chairs.  So I was concerned about pulling everything together.

Debbie and Dania from For All Occasions Events were wonderful.  They listened to our ideas and gave good suggestions.  They were very reassuring that we would have a beautiful wedding.  They help Starry Eyed Daughter get everything into the schedule for the wedding day–including an afternoon of picture taking, and they saw that the ceremony and reception came off without a hitch.  

One thing I learned–have someone besides yourself do the decorating on the day of the wedding.  My sister in law was making the flower arrangements so she was there to help.  My sister and her daughter also helped.  

But, because I didn’t think it would take as much time as it did, I had not written down or given anyone directions for how it should look.  Only in my mind was it recorded.  And I had turned down the help of a couple good friends because I thought I had enough help.

Therefore, I spent too much of my time that day with decorating when I could have given others the information, supplies and let them do the work.

When my Darling Dancer Daughter gets married, I will spend the extra $$ to hire Debbie and Dania to do the decorating.  It would definitely make for a less stressed out mother of the bride on the wedding day!

2 Responses to “Wedding Consultant–To Have or Not to Have”

  1. Angie Says:

    I sure do understand some of your musings on your page about you. When my only (child) daughter married and moved..Well, let’s just say I had some big time adjustments! lol!

    I used to teach Kindergarten, so I get that too. I am also in MK.. Whoo Hoo!

    Blogging introduces you to a lot of wonderful people. It is indeed strange how you begin to care about someone you have not even met.

    Did not mean to get off your subject, just did not know where to reply on the above.

    As far as Weddings go..the Mother of the Bride needs all the help she can get. Amen and Amen! It should be a day of joy to remember with your daughter..kinda difficult when you are stressed out. LOL!:)

    Again, this is a lovely site.

  2. luv2tch Says:

    Thanks for visiting and your encouraging comments, Angie. Looking forward to getting better acquainted through our blogs. It is a definitely a whole new world!