Lazy Days

FlowergirlsSorry, I have not written in a while. I’ve been trying to help my younger daughter get ready to go back to her second year of college. Unfortunately for her, she inherited my ability to procrastinate! I guess that could be a whole new blog!!

But, now she is back and getting settled in. And I am spending a few days with my mom and sister. Just some girl time. It is nice. But why is it when you go home to your mom’s, you revert back to feeling like a child?

So right now, it is a very lazy day. It is raining very softly, and we are just sitting around enjoying having nothing to do.

I’ll be going home in a couple days and will get back to work. I’ve put more pages on my web site and am now going to figure out how to put some pictures on it–so pretty soon I will be giving out the address.

One more thought–if I was still teaching, I’d be back for my first week of school:)

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