Beautiful Wedding Location

While in Colorado Springs I checked out a couple of local wedding sites. This is a lovely resort–the Broadmoor. Starry Eyed Daughter and I went out there one afternoon and walked around the lake behind the hotel. It was a beautiful day, so we made several trips around the lake. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery.

And we came upon an area that looked like it was being set up for a wedding. So I pulled out my camera and took a shot so I could share it. Wouldn’t this be a lovely place to have a wedding? I wish we could have stayed and watched the whole affair:) Has anyone ever stayed at the Broadmoor?broadmoor-wedding-site.jpg

2 Responses to “Beautiful Wedding Location”

  1. Shades of Pink Says:

    Nice view! That would be a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding. 🙂 I have not been to Colorado Springs since I was a toddler. My grandparents used to live there, but moved back to PA not long after I was born.

  2. pinkrenegade Says:

    You are right shades this is absolutely gorgeous!!! This might be a place to go for an anniversary!