More Colorado Springs Wedding Venues

One of the days we were looking at wedding venues was totally rainy and cloudy.  So I didn’t take any pictures of my own.  However, these were interesting so I will share links to their web sites:  Blue Skies Inn in Manitou Springs; Crescent Lily Inn, a bed and breakfast right down town in Colorado Springs;         Black Forest Bed and Breakfast, several miles out of the Springs; Hillside Gardens, a lovely setting in an unlikely spot in the middle of Colorado Springs; and my personal favorite, Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs.  All were lovely.  Some had a view of Pikes Peak in the background.  So if you are planning a wedding in Colorado Springs, I would recommend looking at these places.  There are others.  But I didn’t have time to personally look at them.

A beautiful church in Colorado Springs is Shove Chapel on the campus of Colorado College.  It is a beautiful Gothic Cathedral in a lovely setting.  This is a much more formal setting, but you wouldn’t have to worry about an unexpected shower!

And finally, the most famous chapel in the Springs–the Air Force Academy Chapel.  It is a beautiful place.  However,  either the bride or groom must have graduated from one of the U. S. service academies.

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