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OK, so now my halls are decked, my house is clean and the Sunday School class Christmas party that we hosted occurred Saturday night.  It was fun–good food, good friends.  Too much good food in fact!

So now, I can start thinking about weddings, blogs and web sites again–at least for the next few days.

Christmas is a lovely time for a wedding.  The only drawback to a Christmas wedding I can think of is weather.  A big snow or ice storm the night before or day of your wedding could cause major problems, but besides that there are so many ways to have a beautiful holiday wedding.

One of the advantages to a holiday wedding is that it provides the opportunity for family who have to travel to your wedding to combine that with their holiday travel.  Another is that most churches and reception venues will already be decorated for Christmas so that could save some money on decorating expenses.

If you are planning a December wedding for next year, go shopping for decorating materials after Christmas this year.  Hit the sales for white lights, silk flowers, ribbon, etc.  Also, this is a good time to look for dresses as many are marked down at this time.

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