About Me

Who am I? Good question! Up until 1 year ago I had been defined for the past 31 years as a teacher of teenagers, for the past 24 years as the wife of my husband, and for the past 22 years as a mother of two daughters.

That all changed in June of 2007. My oldest daughter graduated from college, got married, and moved to Colorado. My youngest daughter graduated from high school and went away to college. And I retired from teaching.

I remain the wife of my husband, and the servant of my miniature dachshund! However, I feel that I am now on another journey to define who I am and where I fit best in this next stage of my life–the empty nest stage.

Having just recently discovered the cyber world, I am now embarking on exploring some of the possibilities. I miss teaching very much–it is a part of me. So I am hoping to use my love of teaching combined with some new learning experiences to help other women who are going through this stage of life also.

The big event of my family’s life last year (in addition to the graduations) was, of course, my daughter’s wedding. So I am writing this blog with the hope that it may help some other mother of the bride and her daughter as they go through this fascinating experience.

Please read, feel free to comment, and share your own experiences. I’ve gone through this once, but will probably be going through it again in the future, so I want to remember what I have learned and hear what you have learned also.

Contact me at 4mydaughterswedding@gmail.com

Welcome to My Daughter’s Wedding!