Building a Web Site

I want to tell you about my experience building a web site. Now, keep in mind that I was only introduced to the cyber world beyond emailing about a year ago. It really began when my daughter and I were planning her wedding, and she lived across the state. She would give me web sites that she had been looking at. Pretty soon I began finding web sites to suggest to her! I became consumed with wedding web sites.

After the wedding I was sort of lost. Two things that I kept doing automatically were walking through the wedding aisles at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and looking at wedding information on the web!

Finally, I realized I needed to move on with my life. That fall, my younger daughter went to college, my married daughter and her husband had moved to Colorado, and I had retired from teaching. So, I started playing with the computer again.

I checked my email daily, sometimes several times a day. Mostly junk or forwards. Now, I hear people complain about getting forwards. I don’t. Because that means someone has connected to me by email, and I didn’t have that many friends who emailed! Besides, forwards are inspirational, funny, or informative (taken with a grain of salt) until you have seen the same one 10 times!

Then I moved on to Facebook. It became a way of keeping up with my kids. I could send them a note, and they would respond (as opposed to calling them and never getting an answer–have you ever noticed that? My younger daughter has her phone with her at all times so she can get her calls–but when its from me, she never hears it:) So Facebook became fun. I could see if my daughters had changed anything on their profiles the night before, so I would know they were still there!

I even became friends with some of their friends on Facebook. And then, some other moms I knew got on Facebook. What fun. I discovered a Mary Kay network on Facebook and now I had a new focus for my cyber world.

But alas, the excitement died down. Then I stumbled on to a web site called The Pink Renegade. I’m still not sure how. I think I googled in Mary Kay looking for anything interesting about something I was involved in.

The Pink Renegade is about marketing products through home party plans. But she also introduced me to the world of internet marketing.

First, I was introduced to blogs. I’d heard of blogs. I had no idea that there were so many about so many different subjects. After being a teacher for 31 years, I was sort of used to giving out information that I think others needed to learn 🙂 So I thought–“Hey, this would be fun.”

So I started this blog. Now, just a few weeks later I am building a web site! I am working with a wonderful web hosting company, and they are making it so simple. It would have to be simple for me to understand!

I will let you know when I have something online for you to look at. Stay tuned for further details…


I now have several pages on my web site, For My Daughter’s Wedding.  Please take a look and let me know what you think (just remember it is a work in progress).