Veteran’s Day

November 11th, 2008

A big thank you to all who have or are serving our country. I thank you for your service–and I also thank your families for the sacrifices they have made.

Oh, My Goodness!!

November 11th, 2008

Have you seen this YouTube Video? I really hope this doesn’t happen to any of you!  I can only hope that this is a fake.

Guest List

October 20th, 2008

There are two things that I wish we had done differently when planning my daughter’s wedding.  Well, maybe more than two things, but two things that I would warn other people to do differently than we did.

The first is to definitely have the guest list nailed down early in the planning process.  Your guest list determines many things–the size of ceremony and reception venue you will need, the amount (and therefore, cost) of food and cake, tables and chairs, number of favors, number of invitations, and other things that don’t seem like a big deal–but can start to mount up–both in time and money.

So even if you think you have a general idea of the number (like we did), it is a good idea to write them down and pretty much finalize the list early.  Be sure to get the list from both families.

I wish I could say that this is an easy process, but I think it is one of the hardest.  Two things might make it easier.  One would be to have a very small, intimate wedding with only closest family and best friends.  The other would be to have an unlimited guest list.  Anything in between calls for judgments–and not everyone will agree with your judgments.

If the wedding or reception venue is limited in the number of people it can hold, you must take this into account.  Usually, you can count on less people coming than you invite.  And many times you can count on less people coming than said they would!  I’ve heard the number put about 10%.  I guess that is determined by how reliable your friends and family are!

However, if your wedding venue only seats 100 people and you invite 110, thinking that 10 will not show up, you could have problems.

Decisions will be faced involving inviting co-workers, casual acquaintances and friends of the parents.   Each couple, along with their parents will have to decide what is right for them.  Just realize, that unless reigned in, a guest list can grow much bigger than you first intended.  So if you want to keep your wedding small, you will have to make a conscious effort to do so.  And if keeping costs down is a priority, keeping the guest list down can help.

And my experience with weddings has been, no matter how many people you invite, after the wedding is over, there will always be those you wish you would have invited and those you really thought would come but didn’t.  Go figure.  Like I said, it is one of the hardest things to do.

When you get your guest list done (at least within reason), then you will be ready to select venues (if you haven’t already), order invitations, and think about the catering.

Also, as you are making your guest list, get addresses and phone numbers.  Don’t wait until later to do this.  Might as well do it all at once!  It can be quite frustrating tracking down addresses as you are addressing the invitations!  And one more tip–start addressing the invitations earlier than you think you need to!

Come back and read some more to find out the second thing I would have done differently:)

Wedding Websites

October 15th, 2008

A new way to get out information about your wedding is to create your own wedding web site. Wedding Solutions is a great place to do this. They offer 2 forms–one is a one page web site which you can upload information and a picture. The other form is a multi page web site that you can customize. It’s a fun and technologically savvy way to share wedding info with family and friends!

Wedding Colors for Fall

October 10th, 2008

What do you think of these bridesmaid dresses from David’s Bridal? I think the colors are gorgeous!

green-dress.jpg purple-dress.jpgjade-dress.jpgshort-wine-dress.jpglatte-dress.jpgplum-dress.jpg

A Beautiful Autumn Centerpiece

October 10th, 2008


Autumn Weddings

October 9th, 2008

flowers-autumn.jpgMaybe you’ve noticed how beautiful the weather is in autumn. At least it is in my neck of the woods. The skies are clear blue, the grass is green, the leaves are beginning to change and the mums are a glorious array of colors.

Wouldn’t a fall wedding be beautiful? I have always wanted to have a fall wedding. However, I had a June wedding, and so did my older daughter. So I am hoping if my younger daughter gets married, she does so in the fall!

Autumn weddings lend themselves to vibrant colors--chocolates, royal blues, reds, oranges, deep greens, rust, teal, and purple. I want to share some lovely autumn floral arrangements I’ve found.autumn-flowers.jpgfall-flowers-2.jpgfall-flowers.jpg

Funny Wedding Videos

September 25th, 2008

Sometimes unusual things happen at weddings.  Check these out.

More Colorado Springs Wedding Venues

September 19th, 2008

One of the days we were looking at wedding venues was totally rainy and cloudy.  So I didn’t take any pictures of my own.  However, these were interesting so I will share links to their web sites:  Blue Skies Inn in Manitou Springs; Crescent Lily Inn, a bed and breakfast right down town in Colorado Springs;         Black Forest Bed and Breakfast, several miles out of the Springs; Hillside Gardens, a lovely setting in an unlikely spot in the middle of Colorado Springs; and my personal favorite, Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs.  All were lovely.  Some had a view of Pikes Peak in the background.  So if you are planning a wedding in Colorado Springs, I would recommend looking at these places.  There are others.  But I didn’t have time to personally look at them.

A beautiful church in Colorado Springs is Shove Chapel on the campus of Colorado College.  It is a beautiful Gothic Cathedral in a lovely setting.  This is a much more formal setting, but you wouldn’t have to worry about an unexpected shower!

And finally, the most famous chapel in the Springs–the Air Force Academy Chapel.  It is a beautiful place.  However,  either the bride or groom must have graduated from one of the U. S. service academies.

Beautiful Wedding Location

September 18th, 2008

While in Colorado Springs I checked out a couple of local wedding sites. This is a lovely resort–the Broadmoor. Starry Eyed Daughter and I went out there one afternoon and walked around the lake behind the hotel. It was a beautiful day, so we made several trips around the lake. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery.

And we came upon an area that looked like it was being set up for a wedding. So I pulled out my camera and took a shot so I could share it. Wouldn’t this be a lovely place to have a wedding? I wish we could have stayed and watched the whole affair:) Has anyone ever stayed at the Broadmoor?broadmoor-wedding-site.jpg